Cryptonia Poker


Cryptonia Poker brings together the thrill of poker with the transparency and value of cryptocurrency in an online poker room that is based on blockchain technology.

Services Provided

• Logo Design
   • Construction
   • Logo Animation
• Brand Guide Design
• Website User Interface Design
• Social Media Marketing Campaign Design

Logo Design – Construction

Problem Statement


Upon my many interactions with founders of Cryptonia Poker, one thing we all agreed upon was that Logo must incorporate all four symbols from a Poker’s card deck ( i.e. Diamond, Club, Ace, Heart symbols respectively ).

The major task from a designer’s perspective was that we needed a unique Brandmark for Cryptonia Poker which must fulfil further conditions such as :

1. It needs to be ageless.
2. It should say what the brand is all about with a single look.
3. It should work well on both Print and Digital usage.

My Process


In retrospect, my usual design processes directly starts on my iPad. Where I use Procreate & Sketch App to build concepts. Now, Since in regards with problem statement of design this Logo needed to cover a large array of execution compatibilities. Therefore I decided to go old school and sketched out multiple possible concepts of design with paper and pencil.

Once we shortlisted few designs that worked well with problem statement. I decided not to stop the creative process and took the shortlisted designs to my iPad and refined them with better precision. Again, we had a round of shortlisting.

It was time to vectorise them. I fired up Adobe Illustrator at this point.

It was time to vectorise them. I fired up Adobe Illustrator at this point.

Logo Design – Animation

Story Boards